Relax the Body, Renew the Mind, and Revive the Soul

SunDate: 4/8/2018  From: 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm 
In this workshop we'll combine two very healing practices, Restorative Yoga and Hot Stone Therapy. Casey will guide you through a peaceful restorative sequence and while in each posture, the instructors will strategically place hot stones on your body. The hot stones will both relax the muscles even deeper and improve circulation as the heat allows the blood vessels to expand. Whether your body is achy or your mind is cluttered, this practice is just what you need.
Benefits of Hot Stone Restorative:

  • Balances and calms the central nervous system.
  • Improves circulation.
  • Increases flexibility.
  • Enhances mood states, helping with anxiety and depression.
  • Stills the mind.
  • Lengthen and strengthens connective tissue.
  • Boosts the immune system.
  • Helps with insomnia.

Did You Know?

  • Stretches the hips, hamstrings and calves
  • Strengthens the thighs and knees
  • Keeps your spine strong and flexible
  • Reduces stress, anxiety, depression and fatigue
  • Calms the mind and soothes the nerves
  • Relieves tension in the spine, neck and back
  • Activates the abdominal muscles

March 8 is International Women's Day

International Women’s Day is a global celebration of the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. The day is also a call to action through events large and small focusing on equality.

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Ushas Mudra

Ushas Mudra
 is a simple yoga gesture thats purpose is to energize the body and awaken creativity. 
Ushas Mudra is believed to bring about change and new beginnings. As such, it can help awaken the body and mind when practiced in the morning. 

Ushas Mudra Benefits:

  • Promotes clarity and mental alertness
  • Harmonizes the hormones
  • Awakens sexuality
  • Creates pleasure

In this mudra, the hands are clasped together with the fingers interlaced. For men, the right thumb should be on top. For women, the left thumb rests on top. The top thumb should apply gentle pressure to the other thumb.

Important: Women should place the right thumb between the left thumb and index finger, pressing on it with the left thumb. Do this every day for 5 to 15 minutes. Hold this mudra until the desired effect occurs.

No matter how old we are, there are times of change: a new starting point and a new beginning come repeatedly in life. The second chakra, where resides our center of sexuality and creativity, always contains something new, a secret that wants to be expressed. This mudra focuses on the sexual energy of our second chakra and directs it into energy into it. It gives us mental alertness, pleasure, and new impulses. In addition, it stabilizes our hormonal system.

The Ushas Mudra helps us wake up in the morning. When you are still sleepy and lying in bed, place your clasped hands at the back of your head. Now inhale vigorously and deeply several times; open your eyes and mouth widely; press your elbows back into the pillow. While exhaling, let go of every tension. Repeat 6 times. If this doesn’t make you feel alert and fresh, then rub your ankle bones together, as well as the palms of your hands. Finally, you can also extend your arms and stretch vigorously.

Affirmation: I am filled with enthusiasm for pleasure, which allow me to achieve amazing things. I enjoy life to the fullest.

Spicy Avocado Snack Recipe

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Mudras for the Mind, Body, and Spirit

Hand yoga or Mudras are used to heal and relieve physical complaints, as well as our minds. Using visualizations, intentions, and affirmations mudras ultimately help us with our emotional responses to life.  Meditating using mudras allows us to ask our inner selves, our higher selves, about the cause of our illness or pain.

The first mudra we will explore is Ganesha Mudra. Called, “The elephant,” Ganesha is the divine being who overcomes all obstacles. This mudra activates the fire element, which reacts positively to the color red. Visualizing the color red promotes better circulation and opens the heart. Along with this visualization, your affirmation could be: “I greet everyone today with confidence, courage, and understanding.”

Hold your left hand in front of your chest with the palm facing outward. Bend your fingers. Now grasp your left hand with the right hand, which has its back facing outward. Move your hands to the level of your heart, right in front of your chest. While exhaling, vigorously pull the hands apart without releasing the grip. This will tense the muscles of the upper arms and chest area. While inhaling, let go of all the tension. Repeat 6 times and then lovingly place both hands on the sternum in this position. Focus on the feeling in this part of the body. Then change the hand position: your right palm now faces outward. Repeat the exercise 6 times in this position. Afterward, remain in silence for a while.

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Probiotic Quiz: Would you benefit from taking probiotics?

Get Your Ujjayi On

Ujjayi Pranayama Sanskrit translation:                                                                 Ujjayi: Victory over                                                                                               Pranayama:  Prana – life force, breath; Yama – control, restraint, regulation

Yoga breathing involves powerful diaphragmatic activity and is meant to uplift you.  Coordinated yoga breath, one in which inhalation and exhalation are both done through the nose, is called ujjayi. Ujjayi breath, also called “the ocean breath” or “victorious breath,” actually makes a sound that you can hear. The sound is similiar to ocean waves flowing in and out. The “ocean sound” is created when the glottis (the opening between your vocal folds) moves as air passes in and out. The length and speed of the breath is controlled by the diaphragm and the inhalations and exhalations should be equal in duration. This control is the purpose of ujjayi and should help to sooth the entire nervous system. Ujjayi breath should be practiced during physical asana, during meditation, or whenever you need to produce a calming effect for your mind/body.

Ujjayi Pranayama can help to relieve headaches and sinus pressure by clearing the lungs and nasal passages. In addition, it improves circulation by flexing your diaphragm and pushing oxygen throughout your belly and body. In fact, a clinical study from the Department of Neurophysiology at the National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences in Bangalore, India found Ujjayi Pranayama can increase your oxygen consumption during practice by about 50 percent and has proven to be an effective remedy against diseases of the respiratory system.

Quick Tip:  Both inhalation and exhalation should be done through the nostrils only. Keep a closed mouth. The inhalation should fill the back of the nasal cavity, as well as the throat. During exhalation, imagine you are saying the word “ha” without the “a,” and feel the breath rubbing against your frontal sinuses as it leaves the body. You should feel a slight friction and release.


Some Like It Hot!

Traditional Hot Yoga is comprised of 26 postures to a set sequence. Grow your practice with long static holds of each posture, and detoxify your body in a 105 degree room. This class will tone your muscles, kick start your immune system, and restore your vitality by reducing stress.

Yoga for Athletes

Did you know that yoga is known to improve an athlete’s flexibility, balance and strength in ways that training alone cannot? By holding certain yoga postures, you are strengthening the bones, joints, tendons and ligaments from the inside out. This strength protects them upon impact. Whether you are a runner, tennis or football player, a regular yoga practice is necessary to help protect and restore your body from high impact activities.

Combined with meditation, your yoga practice will take your game to new heights. Experience what real focus is about… also minimize injury and restore easily.


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