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Opening our hearts through an asana creates an energy of gratitude.

Amy Albers

Amy Albers

Instructor / 200 RYT
Amy began her yoga journey 4 years ago right inside the doors of NEXT yoga. Since she was little, Amy has been hyper flexible. She was a gymnast and competitive cheerleader growing up, but always felt disconnected with little passion for the two activities. Also, like many of us, Amy has struggled with anxiety and depression.

After discovering the mental, physical, and spiritual healing benefits of yoga, in addition to intentional movements, and breath control, on and off the mat - Amy knew she found her missing piece and a reliable, sustainable source of self care. The more she practiced, the more engaged and enthralled she became.

NEXT yoga has been a transformative influence in Amy’s path of self discovery, and she is intentionally focused and delighted to have the opportunity to guide and support others toward their own sense of tranquility.


120 E. Liberty Drive, Wheaton, IL