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Opening our hearts through an asana creates an energy of gratitude.

Julio Garcia

Julio Garcia

Instructor / 200 RYT
Who let this guy in? He is loud, smiles a lot, is chatty, and actually cares about me and my practice. Nice! Meet Julio. He has been practicing yoga on and off (let's be real) since 2013. Sprinkled in between then and now are endurance races, half and full marathons, HIIT training, and yes, yoga. Walking into a studio in 2014 was a big deal for Julio... way out of his comfort zone. However, as you will discover, Julio enjoys a challenge.
Julio is 200HR trained since 2018, and enjoys teaching introductory and intermediate classes alike. He has fun teaching a broad spectrum of students... from travel sports teams, to rookies, to seasoned yogis. He has experience teaching in studios, in parks, sport clubs, corporate America, schools, and private sessions for both groups and individuals.

Julio grew up in Chicago and now lives in the burbs. He has daughters, a dog, and three fish. He enjoys his full time career and making genuine connections on and off the mat. His classes are fun, focusing on alignment and safety while flirting with falling out of poses. Ha!


120 E. Liberty Drive, Wheaton, IL