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Opening our hearts through an asana creates an energy of gratitude.

Lauren Specht

Lauren Specht

Instructor - Barre

Lauren has been teaching Barre for the past 8 years in Elmhurst.  Lauren grew up a long distance runner and injuries led her to try a Barre practice 10 years ago and she hasn’t stopped since.  Barre has healed, challenged and changed her body and she is excited to share the practice at NEXT yoga.  Lauren has a passion for alignment of the body while exercising that allows for not only a safer, but deeper exercise experience.  Her classes will have a combination of ballet, pilates and functional fitness exercises that will give you a greater mind body connection as well as strength in muscles you didn’t know you had.


120 E. Liberty Drive, Wheaton, IL


135 N. Addison Avenue, Elmhurst, IL