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Opening our hearts through an asana creates an energy of gratitude.

Margarita Hernandez

Margarita Hernandez

Instructor / 200 RYT
Margarita took her first heated yoga class 5 years ago and was immediately hooked. She started practicing yoga about 5-6 times a week always making sure to plan her schedule around her yoga practice. She noticed the changes happening physically, but most importantly how it was impacting her mentally.  Margarita decided she wanted to educate herself and further her practice and decided to enroll in NEXT yoga teacher training and it was one of the best decision she had made, it was just an amazing experience. Yoga has been grounding and has brought stability into Margarita's life. As an instructor Margarita hopes to bring awareness of the many benefits yoga has to offer. Her goal is for her students to experience the joy and positive impact yoga has done for her.


120 E. Liberty Drive, Wheaton, IL