4 Benefits of Headstands

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

1. Improves Focus: Balancing upside down takes a certain level of focus, so every time you practice headstand, you’re also exercising your ability to clear mental clutter and concentrate on being present to challenges. Improving your focus on the mat by staying in a challenging pose, can help you focus off the mat as well. If you start to feel stuck or challenged, just take some deep breaths, focus and work through it.  

2. Strengthens Core & Shoulder Muscles
: Getting upside down requires you to engage your core and shoulder muscles to hold your body steady. Engaging your core in isometric hold during an inversion will allow you to feel stronger and more stable –and exercise your ab muscles in the process. Inversions allow your back muscles get in on the action as well. Strengthening your neck, shoulder and back muscles by holding an inversion is a great way to combat “tech neck” --you know, that crouched over the computer/phone position we’re all guilty of spending too much time in. 

3. Boosts Mood
: Inverting your heart above your head can cause a shift your emotions as well. Many people report feeling happier, and a feeling of “lightness” after practicing an inversion. Tackling something challenging, that you didn’t think you could do, can also give you an extra boost of confidence. Inversions are tough, so getting upside down –whether it’s a few handstand hops or a full-on headstand, is an achievement to celebrate! 

4. Changes Perspective
: Getting upside down allows you to see the world from a different perspective –both literally and figuratively. Normally we see the world from the top down but getting your feet above your head allows you to view the world from a different angle, shifting your thoughts and perspective on life in the process. happier, and overall “lighter” after practicing an inversion. Physically, going upside down flushes blood to your pituitary gland, which releases feel-good hormones.

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