Basic Leg and Hip Alignment for Posture and Exercise

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Anatomy is the study of the internal structure of living things. Kinesiology is the study of human motion. In anatomical position, the body is in complete alignment. It is a point of reference for all joint motion.

  • Stand erect
  • Arms extended at sides
  • Palms face foreword
Proper Anatomical Position:

Establish a Firm Base in the Feet

- Press down through all four corners of your feet

- Spread all ten of your toes

- Lift up through the arches of your feet

Stack the Joints for Maximum Support

- Stack your knees on top of your ankles

- Point your knees directly over your toes

- Watch for knocked knees (soft knees) or bow-legged

knees (hyper extended)

Create Core Stability

- Squeeze your inner thighs together to activate the

muscles of your pelvic floor

- Relax your gluteal muscles -- Contracting your gluteal

muscles decreases the stability created from your

feet up to your pelvic floor.

- Contract your belly and lift it up towards your spine

Relax Shoulders Back and Down

- Draw your shoulders away from your ears

Align the Spine

- Your neck is an extension of your spine; keep it


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