Clear Your Head with Wide-Angle Standing Forward Bend

Monday, April 6, 2020

Is the constant onslaught of Coronavirus news stressing you out? It is super important to manage your stress levels, especially during challenging times like these when anxiety is running high. Keeping your worried brain off of autopilot through mindfulness is the key to reducing anxiety and returning to the present moment.

Although it is very important to stay informed, be proactive to keep yourself safe and others, too much attention to the news and social media exposure can become more damaging than helpful. Like all things, practice moderation and balance your time between screen time and "me" time.

Taking a moment to clear your mind and rekindle your direct connection to your body can be extremely grounding. The mind can be disruptive and loud especially during times of mass panic. Clearing your mind intentionally creates an empowering unity of being in the present moment of peace.


Clear Your Head with Wide-Angle Standing Forward Bend (Prasarita Padottanasana)

Extended wide angle forward fold/variation. This is one of our favorite poses. You can use it as you prepare for a headstand – or not. You can take your sweet time folding into this bend. Stand with wide legs, feet slightly inward. Put your hands on your hips, and from the waist reach out with your heart as you fold forward and down. Don’t over-arch your back, just a slight tuck in the sacrum throughout. Lean your weight forward slightly and keep activity in your legs. Come down as far as feels right. You can always go further as you settle into the pose. You can place a block under your head if it doesn’t reach the floor. Hands to ankles, hold, and breathe. This pose is uplifting and grounded at the same time, and a powerful head-clearing agent.


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