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Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Yoga Training


yoga training

Yoga is a mental posture, a state of equilibrium and stillness.  It is not a destination to be reached, it is a place where you simply are.  We say yoga practice, not yoga perfect.


The difference between effort and intensity:  The intensity of your practice will determine the quality and depth of your results.  In yoga, intensity is not measured by effort.  Intensity is measured by the degree of focused awareness you bring to the physical aspects of your practice.  Effort is the physical exertion.


How to determine the proper intensity:  Many students confuse intensity with effort.  If you work with too much effort, injury or overwork may occur.  If you work with moderate effort, but with intensity or focus, you will achieve the desired result.  Through your practice and reflection on the aftereffects, you will begin to discern the level of intensity that is comfortable and effective for you.


How to determine the duration of practice:  A modest amount of intensity over a long period of time can yield the same results that a great deal of intensity will yield over a shorter period of time. 

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