Ego is NOT the Enemy

Tuesday, December 10, 2019 yoga instructor course near me

The ego is not the enemy! The ego is simply the voice that verbalizes the stories that we’ve created over the years inside our head to keep ourselves safe. When we talk about ego in class as it relates to our physical postures, the story that we’ve created in our heads is that if we are not impressing people with the depth of our postures, then we are not special and we’ll only be loved if we stand out or we’re better than everyone else. This. Is. Not. True! Love that is extended to us when we are operating out of alignment is not authentic and will still leave you feeling less than. When we rewrite our stories so that they are more loving and true to who we really are, that energy attracts the right people and the right love. Don’t ignore the ego! Notice what story it’s supporting and decide whether that’s the story you want to live.

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