Enhance Your Anatomical Knowledge

Wednesday, September 16, 2020
Join Lauren on October 16 - 18 for VIRTUAL Postural Anatomy Certification.
Enhance your anatomical knowledge by infusing it into a language that both you and your students are able to connect with through verbal physiological guidance. Discover how to compile effective communication from a standpoint of anatomic structures. Not only will you learn ways to optimize the experiences for your class/students, but you’ll gain great insight on how to avoid the onslaught of many common classroom injuries.
Now that you host some, or an abundance of anatomical / kinesiology studies, join this module and learn ways to articulate it in a seamless, intelligent, and confident manner.

  • Learn unique languaging of how to impart this knowledge into the classroom/ or self
  • Understand the physiology behind the posture cues
  • How to speak to yoga injuries (risks, causes, cures, and preventions)
  • Explore the realm of movements, major muscles, and joints

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