Mudras for the Mind, Body, and Spirit

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Hand yoga or Mudras are used to heal and relieve physical complaints, as well as our minds. Using visualizations, intentions, and affirmations mudras ultimately help us with our emotional responses to life.  Meditating using mudras allows us to ask our inner selves, our higher selves, about the cause of our illness or pain.

The first mudra we will explore is Ganesha Mudra. Called, “The elephant,” Ganesha is the divine being who overcomes all obstacles. This mudra activates the fire element, which reacts positively to the color red. Visualizing the color red promotes better circulation and opens the heart. Along with this visualization, your affirmation could be: “I greet everyone today with confidence, courage, and understanding.”

Hold your left hand in front of your chest with the palm facing outward. Bend your fingers. Now grasp your left hand with the right hand, which has its back facing outward. Move your hands to the level of your heart, right in front of your chest. While exhaling, vigorously pull the hands apart without releasing the grip. This will tense the muscles of the upper arms and chest area. While inhaling, let go of all the tension. Repeat 6 times and then lovingly place both hands on the sternum in this position. Focus on the feeling in this part of the body. Then change the hand position: your right palm now faces outward. Repeat the exercise 6 times in this position. Afterward, remain in silence for a while.

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