Neti, Neti, Neti (I am Not That Thought) - a Simple Meditation

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Neti-Neti meditation is a form of self-inquiry in which the practitioner searches for the location of the self.

The name, from Sanskrit origins, translates to "not this, not that," which means that he is not limited to his thoughts, body, or ego.

Through this form of meditation, the practitioner realizes that he is not tied to the things he normally identifies with, whether it be personality, thoughts, feelings, emotions, memories, sensations, bodies, perceptions, will, gender, occupation, etc.

Some Simple Techniques to Try:

• Following the sounds of your breath

• Gazing at an inspiring image, candle flame or sun-gazing

• Visualization (pink bubble, heart chakra, white light, etc)

• Chanting Mantra (in head or out loud)

• Physical Focus Point (hands, third eye, heart, etc)

• Mala or Prayer Beads

• Focus on your distractions as the meditation (hear ALL of the sounds that might pull you OUT of meditation

and make those the meditation itself)

• Counting (count backwards from 100 to 1, start over anytime you lose track & get lost in thought)

• Situational Meditation (walking meditation, eating meditation, general mindfulness)

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