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Wednesday, October 28, 2020

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This is a great pose for increasing flexibility in the wrists and the full version (with the top leg raised perpendicular to the floor) opens the hips and hamstrings. Vasisthasana (Side Plank Pose) also helps with balance, which improves focus and concentration. Side Plank Pose is an excellent preparation pose for more challenging arm balances.

- Start in Plank Pose, pressing your hands firmly with your shoulders aligned over your wrists.
- Keeping your stomach muscles and legs engaged, roll both your heels to the right.
- Stack your left foot on top of the right. Or instead of stacking the feet bring them apart slightly so that the outer edge of the right foot and the inner edge of the left foot are both on the floor. Or bend the top leg and put the foot flat on the floor in front of you – keeping the lower leg straight as in full Side Plank.
- Draw your legs together and push out through the feet. Keep the lower knee on the floor to support you as you build up strength in the arms and core. Squeeze the legs together to keep them strong and engaged.
- Press down through the right hand and raise your left hand. Keep your lower belly engaged and your tailbone long. Pressing firmly through the hand will help you get lighter in the upper body (the press-rebound effect).
- Look up to your hand, or ahead of you. 
- Build up to stay in the pose for 5 breaths.
- To come out, exhale as you lower your left hand and pivot your feet back to Plank position.
- Repeat on the other side.

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