The Power of the Vagus Nerve

Monday, June 10, 2019

The vagus nerve is the longest running nerve in the body. It starts at the top of the spinal cord and travels all the way down to your stomach. Current research is acknowledging the role yoga has on the vagus nerve and its potential to heal. 

When properly stimulated, the vagus nerve is capable of solving most of your emotional and physical problems.


·      Helps the brain stimulate new brain cells

·      Removes stress by instantly relaxing you

·      Improved memory

·      Brings down inflammatory response of the body which is responsible for disease

·      Lowers blood pressure

·      Promotes better sleep

·      Helps keep diabetes under control

·      Raises immunity

·      Relieves depression, anxiety and raises levels of endorphins

 Ways to activate the vagus nerve:

·      Deep diaphragmatic breathing 

·      Chanting and letting the mouth fill with saliva and leaving your tongue to soak in it

·      Pressing your eyelids and washing the face with cold water, especially after exercise, will bring the body into instant relaxation

·      Performing inverted postures such as sarvangasana, vipareet karani mudra and halasana especially in addition to a daily yoga practice

·      Practising Bhramari Pranayama which activates your palate, throat and ears — the pathway of the vagus nerve

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