Ushas Mudra

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Ushas Mudra
 is a simple yoga gesture thats purpose is to energize the body and awaken creativity. 
Ushas Mudra is believed to bring about change and new beginnings. As such, it can help awaken the body and mind when practiced in the morning. 

Ushas Mudra Benefits:

  • Promotes clarity and mental alertness
  • Harmonizes the hormones
  • Awakens sexuality
  • Creates pleasure

In this mudra, the hands are clasped together with the fingers interlaced. For men, the right thumb should be on top. For women, the left thumb rests on top. The top thumb should apply gentle pressure to the other thumb.

Important: Women should place the right thumb between the left thumb and index finger, pressing on it with the left thumb. Do this every day for 5 to 15 minutes. Hold this mudra until the desired effect occurs.

No matter how old we are, there are times of change: a new starting point and a new beginning come repeatedly in life. The second chakra, where resides our center of sexuality and creativity, always contains something new, a secret that wants to be expressed. This mudra focuses on the sexual energy of our second chakra and directs it into energy into it. It gives us mental alertness, pleasure, and new impulses. In addition, it stabilizes our hormonal system.

The Ushas Mudra helps us wake up in the morning. When you are still sleepy and lying in bed, place your clasped hands at the back of your head. Now inhale vigorously and deeply several times; open your eyes and mouth widely; press your elbows back into the pillow. While exhaling, let go of every tension. Repeat 6 times. If this doesn’t make you feel alert and fresh, then rub your ankle bones together, as well as the palms of your hands. Finally, you can also extend your arms and stretch vigorously.

Affirmation: I am filled with enthusiasm for pleasure, which allow me to achieve amazing things. I enjoy life to the fullest.

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