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Friday, May 15, 2020

Breath (Prana)

Yoga is the union of the breath, body, and mind. Breath is the most important part

of that union. You can breathe for the next 60 minutes and you are doing yoga!

We practice an ujjayi (ooh-jay-yee) pranayama (breath). To practice ujjayi

pranayama, inhale and exhale through the nose while forming a slight constriction

in the back of your throat. This audible breath promotes focus on the present

moment, builds heat and energy in the body, and serves as a measure of

movement from one posture to another.



Yoga trains the mind to be in the present moment and observe. Your body doesn’t

need permission from your mind to know what it feels. The power of prana and

asana focus the mind.


Physical Yoga Postures (Asana)

Yoga postures facilitate strength and awareness in the body, mind and spirit. The

intention is three-fold: firstly, to build strength, stillness, and endurance in the

physical body, secondly, to calm the mind and to focus on the present moment,

and thirdly, to cultivate strength in spirit by practicing calmness off your mat.

Physical awareness is powerful. By knowing your body, you can feed its needs.


Heat (Tapas)

Heating the body from the inside out and the outside in allows the body to

detoxify, the mind to focus, and the breath to be a priority. Tapas aides in

transitioning your physical yoga practice into a therapeutic yoga practice.


Power vs. Empowerment

Power is physical strength. Empowerment is the union of physical strength and

mental strength. As our mind sheds the constant chatter and internal circular

conversation, we can prioritize, rationalize, and focus on our world outside of the

studio with ease and conviction.


Safety & Alignment

Listen to your instructor’s concise cues to correct alignment

and keep yourself safe.



Balance means more than just standing on one leg. Balance is what keeps us

grounded and mindful; we are able to unite our breath, body and mind.


Yoga is for everybody and EVERY BODY.

Every student can do every class. Modify and rest when needed.



To sign-up, click the link below. Once you find the class you would like to take, click the "sign-up" button and follow the prompts. If you already have an account with NEXT yoga, you MUST click "NEED NEW PASSWORD" before you login. You must sign-up at least 15 minutes before class!


If you have questions about how to sign-up or would like a step by step guide, click the link below:


For all other inquiries and assistance, email Lauren G. at laurenkamp@next-yoga.com.

We can't wait to practice with all of our favorite yogis and to see your smiling faces!

Looking for a yoga instructor course "near me?" Contact Lauren Duncan -
Email: Lauren@next-yoga.com

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