About NEXT yoga

At NEXT yoga, we believe that yoga is for everybody and Every Body. ALL ages, ALL sizes, and ALL lifestyles should embrace the physical, mental, and healing power of yoga! By making yoga accessible to everyone, our mission is to empower students to mirror their practice in the studio into their daily lives. Balance, strength, and wellness are our priorities. What are yours? Do you practice yoga to achieve physical strength, physiological health, mental health, emotional balance, better performance at work, at home, or on the basketball court? We are dedicated to provide an environment that meets the needs of each of our students, one asana at a time.

NEXT yoga classes challenge students to bring their practice to new heights, on and off the mat. By design our studio’s purpose is to promote personal awareness, confidence, and strength. We contend that at the core of every parent, student, professional, and athlete is inner greatness. You will sweat. You will get stronger. You will be faster, leaner and healthier. We believe that yoga is the answer to achieving your personal goals and to providing you with overall health, peace, and well-being for the rest of your life.

It is this passion for yoga that transcends us from just giving our students a great workout. NEXT yoga provokes the question – “At the end of the day, when life has given you as much as you can take… what’s NEXT?” NEXT yoga

Namaste Everyday


120 E. Liberty Drive, Wheaton, IL